Circle Back to Seattle 2018

Thanks from 35th Annual IAGSDC Convention

The pictures taken by Steve Weil and others at the convention are available at https://weil.smugmug.com/IAGSDC/2018-CBTS


I want to extend a warm thank you to all the dancers who joined us from near and far for the 35th annual IAGSDC Convention. I certainly hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we enjoyed entertaining you. Our wonderful calling staff, deserves recognition here again. Each caller did an excellent job and provided us with some of the best days of dancing we’ve had all year. Ben Bryson single handily put together what has been touted as “the best Fun Badge Tour ever” and for that I am grateful. Thank you, Ben, for taking this major task from our shoulders. I am indebted to Steve Weil who spent countless hours creating our program, our printed schedule, and the phone app. He was also responsible for updating the schedule on the phone app as it remained fluid throughout the convention. Without the dedication of Steve Falkowski who created and managed out registration data base, there is no way we could have ever pulled this convention off. My hat is off to you Steve. Thank you to my partners in crime, Bob Moritz and Bill Anderson, my co-chairs for this convention. And last but certainly not least I want to extend my heartfelt thank you to the numerous volunteers from Puddletown Squares and elsewhere who stepped up to help make this the best convention ever. It is you, our square dancing family that we know we can always count on.

Thanks so much,    Susan

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As a Co-Chair of Circle Back To Seattle 2018,  I want thank you for attending our party.  We tried to provide the best square dance callers and halls that we could get.  We tried to keep is simple so you could just simply enjoy yourselves and dance.  I hope you went home with just happy memories.  I have enjoyed the five years from concept to execution of our event and I am sharing any lessons learned with future conventions.  It’s been fun having you all here, and next year I’ll get to dance.  See you in a square.

Yellowrocks!     Bill Anderson

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The 35th IAGSDC Convention, Circle Back to Seattle, is in the books. Many folks have congratulated the 3rd Time’s a Charm Committee on presenting a wonderful event.  We are humbled and appreciate your acknowledgement, but we must point out that while we did the overall planning, it was the myriad Volunteers from Puddletown Squares and many, many other clubs across the country that actually made our plans come alive.  Without you, it would have been mere notes on paper.

To my co-chairs, Susan and Bill:  Thank you for listening to my ideas and offering suggestions or refinements to set up the bet possible outcome for each event.  You always brought your “A” game and many new great ideas we could add. (Hosp suites,etc) You found us a floor, a photographer, and a sound engineer all while we dealt with the hotel staff.

To the committee spouses. The two Steves: Thank you for not being content to be ‘widows’, but for jumping in to become full committee members.  You offered and implemented a great many technical aspects (Website, Database and registration cover sheets, Dance Phone App, Booklet printing and photo assemble of many happy hours of dancing.

To our office staff: Robert, Greg and Karen: You used you amazing organizational skills to run a major portion of our first contact with all the dancers. You insured everything ran smoothly and lines were always short. You trained all the office volunteers well.

To our Fun Badge Tour Director, Ben: your planning and executing a fabulous FBT was astounding. Marvelous choices of stops and the buses to the airport and cruise ship were a hit. Thanks to the ‘home team’; Gary and Anne; for putting the dancers through their paces at all locations.

Special thanks to: Louise, Liz, Becky and Dinah for making sure all spaces for callers, as well as the men and women spaces were constantly stocked with snacks.  Thanks too Will Hamp for captaining the floor install and removal.

All our thanks,   Bob


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