Staff Callers


Anne Uebelacker

Anne started calling in 1976 for a children's group and has progressed to call for all dancing levels from Basic to C3B. A strong "home" program for Squares Across the Border Monday through Thursday complements an equally busy traveling schedule on the weekends that may find her calling anywhere from Vancouver to Florida, Boston to San Francisco and across the miles to Japan and Europe. Some of her calling highlights she is really proud of are her calling assignments at the numerous IAGSDC Conventions in Canada and the United States, the Canadian Challenge Convention, the National Challenge Convention, and the Academy of Advanced and Challenge Enthusiasts.

Anne's relaxed style and easy listening voice have won her many square dance friends at all the dancing levels and from all corners of the world.

Anne was born and grew up in Peterborough, Ontario of Scottish parents and as a child Anne knew nothing of square dancing. After she finished high school her parents took square-dancing lessons. When a local Mainstream caller was having a weekend dancing campout that her parents were planning to attend, they invited Anne to come along to swim, enjoy the outdoors, or whatever since she had no specific plans for that weekend. It turned out that the dance was one dancer short of an additional square and Anne was drafted to fill in. After three days and a lot of push, pull, and shove, she was dancing (almost a Plus level) - and she was hooked! Anne then continued dancing at a local Mainstream club and enjoying it immensely. She soon realized that there's a lot more to square dancing than she had ever dreamed, and thought, "This is for me!"

Anne has been on staff for 29 previous conventions and this  Golden Boot Award Winner will receive her 30 year Medallion in 2018.  She and Mary reside in Auburn, Washington.

Barry Clasper

Barry Clasper

Barry lives in Toronto, Ontario with his wife Pam. They started dancing in 1973, just two weeks after the birth of their youngest son. Barry started calling in 1984 when a local C2 tape group asked for help with some things they couldn't find on teaching tapes. He figured if he was going to write material to help them, he might as well call it. Since then he has expanded in both directions and now calls from Basic through C4.

As a dancer, Barry loves choreography that is smooth and flowing yet also provides some mental stimulation and the occasional surprise. When calling, he strives to create this effect through smooth danceable choreography flavoured with a bit of unusual positioning to create a dance experience containing both physical and mental elements.

Barry changed careers in September 2007. He retired from IBM after 30 years and is now a full-time caller and able to travel more than he has in the past. He's called at weekends and conventions in 7 provinces, DC, and 26 states, as well as Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, England, the Czech Republic, Taipei and Beijing. He's also a staff caller with the Academy for Advanced and Challenge Enthusiasts (AACE).

Barry is a member of CALLERLAB and the Gay Callers Association. Within CALLERLAB he is a member of the Board of Governors, is on the Executive Committee and is currently Chairman of the Board (2013-2015). He has written articles for Zip Coder, The Call Sheet and American Square Dance Magazine.  This is Barry's 13th Convention.

Gary Monday

Gary Monday

Gary began calling in 1984 at age 19 in Asheville, NC. His parents started dancing in 1981 and he tagged along occasionally. One night at a PLUS dance they needed one “boy” dancer to fill a square. After the 3rd tip, he realized he had been paying attention during his parent’s classes and workshops and knew all the calls except linear cycle.

He taught his first mainstream class in 1984 and fell in love with teaching and calling, having attended a caller’s school at Copecrest Square Dance resort that year.

He and his partner Ben moved to Seattle, WA in October, 2011, and they are both active within Puddletown Squares.  This will be Gary's 8th Convention.

Gary (Old Queen!) is now enjoying calling for several of the clubs in the Pacific Northwest. He has called for a number of IAGSDC affiliated clubs over the years, as well as special monthly dances, fly-ins and the 2011 IAGSDC convention in Atlanta and 2012 convention in Vancouver. He is looking forward to calling for the 2018 IAGSDC conventions in Seattle. Member of the Gay Callers Association.

Joe Uebelacker

Joe Uebelacker

Call Beginners through C3B for Triangle Squares in Toronto.

Produce "learn to Yodel" teach tape and "Yodeling Singing Calls" tape.

Publish "Square Dancing for Kids of All Ages" Book 1 for up to Grade 4 and Book 2 for Grade 5 through Seniors.

I actually started the caller school portion many years ago and still run a yearly caller school for new and experienced callers. 2015 makes 43 years of providing caller education through caller schools, clinics and monthly note services as well as on-going caller mentoring with most of my clubs' classes.  Seattle will be Joe's 4th Convention.

Many clubs in Central Ontario host "New caller dances" where the callers from my caller schools call the dances, giving them practice and exposure to the dancers.

Kris Jensen

Kris Jensen

Once Over Lightly

I've been dancing since 1990 and calling since 1991. I call for four groups in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I've called weekends and dances throughout the western United States. I regularly call Mainstream through C2. I'm a member of CALLERLAB, and a past president of both the Gay Callers Association, and the New Mexico Central District Callers Association

Square Dancing

In 1990, my (not yet) life partner, Turtle-Bear, dragged me to a Wilde Bunch party. I started Basic lessons in May 1990, and attended my first fly-in in October 1990, where I struggled with Mainstream to my first "foreign" caller, Rusty Fennell of San Antonio, and caught the calling bug from Ett McAtee.

By 1997, I was dancing C2. I try to get as much floor time as I can, but it seems like I have to go out of town to do it.

In 2000, I learned C3A at a killer weekend in April. Since then, I've danced it about three times a year. I might be the only C3A dancer (using the word loosely) in Albuquerque.

Calling:  This will be Golden Boot Award winner, Kris' 8th convention as staff caller.

I started calling in 1991 under the tutelage of Bill Eyler, the Wilde Bunch's caller.

I've attended a bunch of callers schools. (I think they're fun and I always learn something.) My first was SuperSchool West, with Herb Egender, John Kaltenthaler, Jim Mayo, and Bill Peters. I've studied with Anne Uebelacker, Mike Jacobs, Ed Foote, Betsy Gotta, Ken Ritucci, Deborah Parnell, Frank Lescrinier, Jerry Junck, John Kwaiser, and Tony Oxendine. My latest was in 2002, with Jon Jones, Deborah Carroll-Jones, Tony Oxendine and Jerry Story.

Other Dancing

I started international folk dancing in 1967 and I've danced off and on since then. I still like Rumanian and Bulgarian dances; it's just that square dancing gets in the way.

Michael Kellogg

Mike Kellogg

Michael began square dancing at the age of 21 and started calling almost immediately in 1983. He now celebrates 24 years of calling experience.  This will be his 11th Convention.

Dancers today know him for his high energy, exuberant, and uplifting calling style; and his technical but "down to earth" teaching. It's hard not to have fun when you're dancing to Michael's lively presentation.

During the 80s and 90s Michael called squares full time, traveling extensively throughout the U.S., Europe, and Japan. He has now reduced his traveling schedule and works full-time during the day as a systems analyst for Technicolor in Camarillo, California. He teaches beginner level thru C2 on a weekly basis, and calls for special events on many weekends. Michael's travel is restricted mostly to weekends now, but he manages to do about two out-of-town events each month. In addition to these events he calls two to three weeks in Europe every year, and one week in Japan every other year. Michael has shared the calling privileges for Tinseltown Squares in Los Angeles for the past eight years, teaching A2 and challenge programs, while Paul Waters teaches beginners and A1. If you're in West Hollywood on a Monday night be sure to look them up.

Michael lives in Northridge, CA, a Los Angeles suburb. He has two children, ages 10 and 11, who are becoming proficient at Plus-level dancing and can many times be found accompanying him to square dance events.

Ross Howell

Ross Howell

Although Ross was introduced to square dancing when he was eight years old, it was much later in life he grudgingly started taking Beginners' lessons. On the first night at the first Beginners’ lesson Ross realized that square dancing was "his thing." Something he earnestly wanted to pursue. After graduating from Beginner's lessons, a month later Ross started what would now be equivalent to a Challenge Workshop.

In November 1970 Ross called for the first time at the Mainstream level.

Ross has always been intrigued with Square Dance choreography and since he liked the more complicated sequences and the more advanced choreography, he quickly moved on into calling the Advanced and Challenge levels.

With time his job became more demanding, requiring weekend and overtime work, which interfered with his square-dancing. On the spur of the moment one day in 1974 he gave his two-week notice and quit! It was a difficult decision to make, but there have been no regrets.

The secret of Ross' fame is his smoothness and relaxed atmosphere of his dances. Although his choreography may be difficult, intricate, and mentally taxing, the dancers are stimulated because the dancing flows. He insists that he doesn't do anything special to achieve this. The characteristics which peg him as one of the top callers don't just happen, they're the result of hard work, a natural ability, and an inherent feeling toward his dancing floor. And it's smoooooth, man, smoooooth!!!

Since he gets hired and works regularly, he feels that he must be doing something right, although he insists he doesn't know what.  This is his 3rd Convention.

Ross likes to just let it happen - and happen it does, with great success!

Sandie Bryant

Sandie Bryant

Saundra Bryant was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago. She first started square dancing when she was eight years old as a Girl Scout with her best friend Alicia. The leader of the troop happened to be Alicia's mother, world famous square dance caller Swersie Norris. Swersie taught square dancing to youth groups and coached boy's basketball and baseball. In fact, that's how Swersie found dance partners for the girls; she would make the boys dance with them before they could play ball!

After going to college, Sandie returned to square dancing in 1978. By this time, Callerlab had established dance levels and calling lists. She went back to a Beginners class Swersie was teaching, but didn't believe she'd remember any of her past training. To everyone's surprise, she wound up directing traffic in the square. So Swersie gave her the entire Mainstream and Plus list to study.

By October, Swersie thought Sandie had lost her mind. Sandie had gone from non-dancer to C4 in one year! By the summer of 1980, Sandie called her first National Convention in Memphis and proceeded to establish herself as one of the premiere callers in the country.

Around 1988, a Times Squares dancer told her about a new year-old club called the Chi-Town Squares, who were looking for a caller. Club cofounder, Ron Goodman, later called her, informing her that we were a gay club. Her response was basically, "And I'm a black caller!" So they had a little laugh and it was never an issue from the start. As it turned out, Sandie wasn't available to teach that year on Tuesdays, but she recommended a man by the name of Lindle Jarvis. And the rest is history!

Sandie called a few dances for us at Carol's Speakeasy and then called many regular club dances at the Wellington Ave. Church. In 1989, she called at our first Crossfire fly-in and has called at every one since. Her first IAGSDC convention was in Seattle in 1993.

Sandie is internationally known, having called in Japan, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Canada and Mexico.  This is Sandie's 21st IAGSDC Convention.

When asked what she likes most about Chi-Town Squares, she said we were an enthusiastic, encouraging, and most of all, fun group. The admiration is definitely mutual. In recognition of her many years of generous and loving support of Chi-Town Squares; her incomparable calling at social dances and classes, her volunteerism at demonstration dances, and her presence at each and every Crossfire fly-in; all of which has resulted in a mutual friendship and admiration by the club and the entire square dancing community, a Lifetime Membership was bestowed upon Sandie in January, 2002.

Sandie still lives on the South Side of Chicago with her husband, Albert and her daughter, Alexandra.


Todd Fellegy

Todd Fellegy

Todd started dancing at age 7 and started calling at age 13.   He took square dance lessons as part of an extra curriculum course in elementary school and graduated from Quinnipiac University with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting.

Todd has called in 27 states, Sweden, Germany, and Canada.   His home programs range from A-2 through C-3A. Todd also calls Fun Night and Basic level through C-4. He also travels on a regular basis for other clubs, weekends, and conventions.

Todd's choreography is interesting, different, and extremely accurate. He's noted for his quick wit and sense of humor on and off stage, always wanting the dancers to succeed while at the same time keeping the level challenging. Todd's at ease calling for one square or 40. Dancers have commented on how much they enjoy his choice of music for the dance. Todd uses the sign of the Tiger as his logo.

In 1999 Todd received his certificate from Callerlab for 25 years of calling.  This is his 13th Convention.

Vic Ceder

Vic Ceder

Vic started dancing in 1975 in a teen club where he met his wife Debbie. They started dancing Advanced in 1977 and Challenge shortly thereafter.  In 1981, he started calling. Vic is a self-taught caller and has never attended a caller's school as a student, but has taught at the Northern California Callers School, and at a couple of GCA Callers Schools, as well as conducted various mini clinics, most recently at iPAC. He has called in 31 states, eight countries (other than the USA) and has called at several IAGSDC conventions, National Square Dance Conventions, iPAC, the Canadian National Challenge Convention and is currently a permanent staff caller at the Academy for Advanced & Challenge Enthusiasts (AACE).

Vic and Debbie are the authors of "A Ceder Chest of A1 and A2 Square Dance Definitions", "A Ceder Chest of C1 and C2 Square Dance Definitions", and "A Ceder Chest of C3A and C3B Square Dance Definitions." As a software systems engineer, Vic has written some widely-used square dance related computer programs, notably the Ceder Square Dance System and the Couple Rotation Program.  Their website is arguably one of the most widely-respected square dance related sites on the internet with an extensive database of callers, cuers, clubs, square dance music information, square dance events, articles, and choreography.

When not traveling for calling, Vic enjoys playing ragtime and boogie-woogie piano, gardening, and reading French comic books, which he collects.  Vic and Debbie also enjoy swing- and contra-dancing and tasting fine, artisan dark chocolate bars which they rate in a database on their website.  Their daughter, Caitlyn, is a junior at the University of California, Santa Barbara (where Debbie works), and when she isn’t studying she enjoys dancing up to C3A.




Bill Eyler

Bill shows his joy of camaraderie through dancing in his lively, colorful calling style.  Comfortable with calling and teaching from beginners through the Challenge 2 programs, Bill is able to entertain dancers and leave them wanting more.   Since starting as a teacher and caller in 1984, he has developed his own trademark style with specialty squares dances like true 'Hexagons' and with older traditional style moves mixed in with modern choreography.  He also has added couples country western dancing and line dancing to his repertoire, feeling that dance brings people together in its own special way.

Bill called Albuquerque New Mexico his home for over 35 years, but in 2016, he and his husband Danny pulled up stakes after he retired from the University of New Mexico, and moved to the Palm Springs area.  Bill has gained the friendship of dancers all over North America in calling at over 100 festivals, fly-ins, and conventions.  This Golden Boot Award winner celebrated his 11th Convention as Headliner.

Ett McAtee

Affectionately known as “Just Ett, Hon!” she began dancing in 1987 and started her calling career in 1989 at the first GCA Caller School at Peel the Apple, New York.  Ett started calling with Chesapeake Squares and soon branched out to become a regular caller for DC Lambda Squares, Independence Squares, and various other clubs and fly-ins around the country.  Her own C1 club, Ettseteras, meets regularly in the Washington DC metro area. 

Ett is past-president of the GCA and current GCA president (2017-2019), and this Golden Boot Award winner has been a staff caller at 8 previous IAGSDC annual conventions and has served as a Teaching Assistant at several GCA Caller Schools over the years.  She marks her 31st consecutive IAGSDC attendance at convention this year in Seattle and continues to be in high demand for her smooth and intricate calling style.


Harlan Kerr

Harlan Kerr

Harlan Kerr has been calling mainstream through C3B since 1987 and is a veteran instructor from 8 calling schools, He has served on the staff of the North California Caller’s School on two previous occasions. Harlan regularly calls for a number of North California Clubs and at various festivals and weekends. Typically he calls 9 sessions a week, in and around the Bay Area. Harlan is known for his outstanding instructional skill and currently teaches mainstream, plus, Advanced C1 and C2 classes. Over the course of his calling career Harlan has taught over 50 mainstream classes, nearly 60 plus classes, 27 advanced classes, 22 C1 classes, 9 C2 classes, 7 C3a classes and 5 C3b classes.  This "Triple Crown" winner (IAGSDC chair, HTQ and Golden Boot) was on the organizing committee for All Join Hands, the first Convention and this is his 7th convention as a staff caller.

Aside from calling Harlan has a doctorate in Education and recently retired from being a director of Curriculum and Instruction for a large urban school district. Harlan pairs his expertise in education with his calling skills to present well-crafted instruction to both new and established callers. Areas where he has particular expertise include sight calling, understanding the dynamics of choreographic flow, programing dances and classes, and crafting effective instructional techniques for square dance classes.


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