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Puddletown Squares

Puddletown Squares is a not-for-profit corporation established to support the growth of Modern Square Dancing in Seattle, Washington.  We offer classes, workshops and public dances open to all, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, and each year we host an annual weekend fly-in.  We are a founding member club of the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs (IAGSDC).  Our membership is comprised of dancers who participate in all programs of Modern Square Dancing, as defined by Callerlab, USA.

About Puddletown

Our first graduation was May 1, 1983, and it was held aboard a very large ferry boat on Puget Sound. There were dancers present from Portland. It was an extremely prideful moment for all us.

At the Reno 1982 rodeo, the decision was made to have a first general meeting next year, which was the beginning of the convention pattern, and apparently because so many things had been happening out of Seattle, they decided to hold it in Seattle.

I’m under the impression that we were the first club to have a paid professional caller, the first club to have bought our own sound system, and the first club to have four or five members go to caller’s school.

Harlan Kerr was made president, and Doug McPherson and Agnes Smith were made co-chairs of what would become the convention. We had no idea what a “convention” meant, and when the event actually started, everyone was just stunned with delight. Doug and Agnes knew what they were doing, and knew what the dynamics would be, so it turned out to be very wise when they decided that rather than have people housed by local club members, we should have it at a hotel with everyone staying there. That way the energy was concentrated in one place, and it was nothing short of phenomenal.

That was “ALL JOIN HANDS”.  Seattle hosted the 10th convention at the U of W campus by inviting everyone to “REMAKE THE CIRCLE”.  We are proud to again host the IAGSDC Convention in Seattle for the third time (35th overall convention) as “CIRCLE BACK TO SEATTLE”.

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