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Is there a specialty tip you want to suggest? Now is the time to make those requests and suggestions to moritrob@gmail.comsuggestions to

The convention will sponsor the Women’s tip, the Leather tip, the Bear tip, the Medallion tip, and the Moonshine tip.
If you want another type of specialty tip, we will have a space that will have floors and sound that will have limited availability throughout the convention. You can request the use of that space for your tip. You will need to arrange for your own caller that the convention will not be responsible for paying. You also need to request what time frame you want it to occur. We will try to work with you to try to accommodate your request.
If you make your request by May 15th 2018 We will work you in-to and your tip will show up in the schedule.

The Highlights…

Sat: June 30 GCA Callers Check-in

Sun: July 1 GCA Callers School

Mon; July 2 GCA Callers School

Tues: July 3 GCA Callers School

Wed: July 4 10am-Noon: GCA Callers School Graduation Dance
Noon-3pm: IAGSDC Delegates Meeting

3-4pm: AJH Board Meeting

4-5pm: GCA Board Meeting
7-10pm: Trails-End Dance with callers Ett McAtee and Bill Eyler.

Thurs: July 5
9:00 am Caller intros, Opening Ceremonies, and Medallions and Group photo.
10am: Dancing All Levels (9 hours) and specialty tips
Club Photos and Group Photo
10pm-1am Country Western Dance with wider community invited

Fri: July 6
Dancing All Levels (7 hours) and specialty tips
Club Photos
5-7pm: Evening Cocktails, Banquet, Golden Boot Award, Medallions and future Convention presentation.

10pm-? HTQ Pageant
After-dancing, evening Piano Bar

Sat: July 7
Dancing All Levels (7 hours) and specialty tips
Club Photos if needed
9am-Noon: Brunch and IAGSDC General Membership meeting, Medallions and future Convention presentation.

Medallion Tip immediately following Brunch
Convention Advisory/Planners and Club Retention meetings

9-10pm Closing Ceremonies, Thank You, Trail-Out
After-dancing, evening Piano Bar

Sun: July 8
8am -Noon: Fun Badge Tour: You won’t want to miss the FBT with available bus to the airport or Alaska Cruise ship.


And so you can plan your wardrobe for the day, the photo schedule will be posted as soon as it is available.


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