Schedule (Tentative)

The schedule for caller school, the convention, and meetings is still being finalized, but we do know the dates, if not the times etc. Check back soon for more information.

Is there a specialty tip you want to suggest? Need to check if something is being included? Want to suggest better ways to schedule? Now is the time to make those requests and suggestions to We want to make this the best convention you will ever attend!
The Highlights…

Sat: June 30 GCA Callers Check-in

Sun: July 1 GCA Callers School

Mon; July 2 GCA Callers School

Tues: July 3 GCA Callers School

Wed: July 4 GCA Callers School
IAGSDC Delegates Meeting
GCA Board Meeting
GCA Graduation Dance
Trails-End Dance with callers Ett McAtee and Bill Eyler.

Thurs: July 5
Caller intros, Grand March, Opening Ceremonies, and Medallions
Dancing All Levels and specialty tips
Club Photos and Group Photo
HTQ Pageant
After-dancing, evening Piano Bar

Fri: July 6
Dancing All Levels and specialty tips
Club Photos
Evening Banquet, Golden Boot Award and Medallions and Medallion Tip
After-dancing, evening Piano Bar

Sat: July 7
Dancing All Levels and specialty tips
Club Photos if needed
Brunch and IAGSDC General Membership meeting and Medallions
Convention Advisory/Planners meeting
Closing Ceremonies, Thank You, Trail-Out
After-dancing, evening Piano Bar

Sun: July 8
Fun Badge Tour: You won’t want to miss the FBT with our own Fistful of Crinoline chaperones.         Register early to join the fun and dance your way around Seattle.
There WILL be country western, 2-step and line dancing; schedule is not confirmed. Bring your boots!
Other possibilities include: Contra Dance (intro)
Round Dance (intro)

And so you can plan your wardrobe for the day, the photo schedule will be posted as soon as it is available.
News Updates will announce when the schedule is posted.

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